Predicted Questions


"Is VikingSkull out?"

No, the injector is currently being worked on and being planned for a release.

"Will I have to pay for it?"

Yes, but the price will be really low. The maximum is $10

"Will it get me vacced?"

Well... That is what we're working on. We want the injector to be undetected by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat)

"What if my account gets vacced?"

It is your fault if the steam account gets vacced, probably should've used a throw-away account. As well it is ours. If this does so happen, please email us at vikingskullprograms@gmail.com

"fuk you for supporting hax >:("

Couple things. This is a injector, not a cheat. As well, a cheat is not a 'hax'. Two different things. Also fuck you too, for hurting my feelings :(

"Do you have a Discord server?"

No, not yet at least.